MnCEF Statement of Principles

We believe that inexpensive, abundant energy and the efficient use of that energy is the key to our quality of life.

We believe that a diverse and increasingly renewable energy portfolio is the key to ensuring the supply of inexpensive and abundant energy.

We believe that to the extent possible America should rely on domestically produced energy, in order to reduce reliance on hostile or unstable regimes, or on insecure lines of communications.

We believe that the more prosperous America has become, the more Americans demand clean as well as affordable energy.

We believe that one of the goods Americans want to purchase with their wealth is a clean and beautiful environment.

We believe that conservatives have for too long conceded the intellectual battlefield over energy use and production to others, locking ourselves out of the energy debate.

We believe that the current electricity monopolies are outdated and that new sources of renewable electrical production can provide choice and competition for consumers, and reduce reliance on a grid that is vulnerable to disruptions and attacks.

We believe that the renewable energy industry can, does, and will contribute to Minnesota’s economic growth. We also believe that it is in our economic interest to pursue the goal of leading the technological revolution in energy production. We are the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum.

MnCEF Leadership Council

Jason Adkins

Jason Adkins
Executive Director, Minnesota Catholic Conference

King Banaian

King Banaian
King Banaian is a professor in the Department of Economics at St. Cloud State University; Dean, St Cloud State; Radio host;
former State Representative

Walter Hudson

Walter Hudson
Writer/Columnist, PJ Media; City Council Member, City of Albertville

Ben Gerber

Ben Gerber
Energy Regulatory Attorney

Abby Rime

Abby Rime
Constituent Outreach and Services Representative, Congressman Tom Emmer

Matthew Pagano

Matthew Pagano
Executive Director at the Republican Party of Minnesota, and worked on the re-election campaign of Rep. Tom Emmer

Jay Jacbson

Jay Jacobson
Small business owner. Renewable and energy conservation contractor for 4 decades.
Chris Tiedeman

Former Minnesota Republican National Committeeman

Mike Franklin

Government Affairs Professional, Attorney, and former Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Energy Lobbyist

Todd Taylor
Environmental Lawyer, Biofuels Digest “Top 100 People in Bioenergy,” serving on the Minnesota Department of Employment and
Economic Development Green Jobs Innovation Task Force, and helping found the Minnesota CleanTech Group.

Chris Villarreal
Energy Regulatory Policy Consultant. Former staff at Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Benjamin Stafford
Senior Consultant, 5 Lakes Energy

Max Rymer
Co-Founder, Nativ3

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