Free Markets Create Real Incentives

It’s frustrating to watch Minnesota communities pursue bad policy, when the right approach is staring them right in the face. In mid-December, the Star Tribune reported that the Minneapolis City Council raised its franchise fee, which is a payment that Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy collect from their utility customers and pass to the city, […]

Demand Response: An Underutilized Energy Resource

Demand response. To the vast majority of the public, those words don’t mean very much. To the electricity world, however, demand response is an increasingly valuable resource to meet electricity demand, maintain reliability, and be used as part of a broader resource mix in a move away from traditional fossil fuel-based generation.  Demand response has […]

Free Markets and the Man from Fulda

In 1895 a child named Harold Hotelling was born in Fulda, MN.  He took a B.A. in journalism and then decided to study mathematics at Princeton, receiving a PhD in 1924.  He because a professor at Stanford studying math and economics and went on to a very long career at Stanford, Columbia and the University […]