MNCEF supports Xcel Energy’s commitment to carbon free resources

December 7, 2018

MNCEF supports Xcel Energy’s commitment to carbon free resources

ST. PAUL, Minnesota– The Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum (MnCEF) commends Xcel Energy for its announcement to obtain 80% of its electricity from carbon-free resources by 2030, and to be 100% carbon free by 2050.Xcel is reacting appropriately to quickly evolving market forces and consumer demands. Renewable energy such as wind and solar continue to drop in price and are now cost competitive with traditional fossil fuels. Further, new technologies empower consumers to be more energy efficient and for distributed energy and energy storage to become a part of our energy grid. By announcing these goals early, Xcel ensures that it has sufficient time and opportunity to explore a variety of ways to meet these goals, including all resource procurement opportunities.

“We look forward to working with Xcel Energy and other energy stakeholders to put consumers first and ensure Minnesota’s energy grid remains world class and incorporates the latest technology,” said MNCEF President Mike Franklin, “Minnesota consumers overwhelmingly support cleaner and cheaper energy, and Xcel’s announcement promotes a diverse energy portfolio.”

MNCEF was founded in 2016 as a non-profit dedicated to an “All of the Above” energy policy that depoliticizes renewables and promotes free markets as the best way to ensure a strong, secure and efficient energy grid.

Contact: Mike Franklin


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