Who we are

A conservative vision for a clean and affordable energy future

We believe in...

Conservative Leadership

Voters and markets alike are speaking loud and clear: they want clean energy. For too long,
conservatives have let the left dominate the energy debate. With our principles like innovation, property
rights, and free-markets, conservatives can win the right clean energy future.

Economic Prosperity

New energy development is creating a job explosion for Minnesotans and putting money in the pockets of family farmers and small businesses. The right clean energy future will support Minnesota workers and build up communities all across our state.

Stewardship of God’s Creation

God has gifted Minnesota with an amazing bounty. Our mines and farms support our economy while our lakes and forests are timeless places our families enjoy. Conservatives know we can harness what we’ve been given while passing along our blessings to our children and grandchildren.

Strength and Independence

A diverse grid is an affordable and reliable grid. America’s energy should be self-reliant. Clean energy allows Minnesota’s miners and farmers to work together to break our reliance on foreign sources and build homegrown energy for generations.

We do not believe...

In the left’s big government plots, Green New Deal takeovers, and heavy-handed Government monopoly corruption. It’s time to put an end to socialist schemes and create a conservative clean energy future.